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Carrier Infinity Driver for Control4

Carrier Infinity Driver for Control4

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The Carrier Infinity/Bryant Evolution Driver for Control4 integrates your Control4 system (OS 3+) with Carrier Infinity & Bryant Evolution systems that are connected to the Carrier Infinity/Bryant Evolution Cloud via wifi thermostats. The capabilities available for controlling the zone/thermostat from the Control4 Navigators match with what is possible from the Carrier/Bryant Home apps or directly on the thermostat/wall unit itself.

The UI allows for control of:

  • The HVAC mode of the zone/thermostat: Off, Heat, Cool, Auto, Fan Only
  • The fan mode of the zone/thermostat: Auto, High, Medium, Low
  • The setpoint of the zone/thermostat, including heat and cool individual setpoints when inAuto
  • The current preset (or 'Manual' mode if setpoints are manually set) of the zone/thermostat: Away, Home, Sleep, Wake
  • The current hold mode of the zone/thermostat: Off, Hold Until, Permanent
  • The schedule of presets for each day of the week

The UI also provides feedback for:

  • The current temperature reported by the thermostat
  • The current state of the thermostat (off, heating or cooling)
  • The humidity reported by the thermostat
  • The outside temperature and humidity reported through the themrostat as determined by Carrier by the customer's address/zip code
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