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Key Differences between our Amazon Echo driver and Control4's:

1) Ours DOES NOT require an annual 4sight license (at a cost of $100/year)!

2) Ours allows you to connect multiple Echos to your Control4 system, EACH WITH ITS OWN SET OF VOICE COMMANDS.  Control4's allows you to connect multiple, however they must all share the same set of commands.  So with theirs, you can't just have a command called "Apple TV" (for example), which turns on the Apple TV in the room that you are in.  You would have to create commands for "Living Room Apple TV", "Master Bedroom Apple TV", etc. (NOTE: In order for this to work, each Echo must be registered to a separate Amazon account)

3) Ours makes a DIRECT CONNECTION within your home network between the Echo(s) and Control4.  Control4's relies on a cloud-based integration, which has already proven to be both SLOWER and LESS RELIABLE.  There have been multiple reports on the dealer and user forums of long delays and outright failures when responding to voice commands using Control4's Alexa Skill.

4) Ours auto-generates programming events for each command that you define - ON, OFF, UP, DOWN, and SET.  Control4's only gives you ON and OFF.  UP and DOWN events are very useful for doing things like raising and lowering blinds, light levels, volumes, temperatures, etc...SET is very useful for setting specific light levels, shade levels, volume percentages, etc.

Below are a couple of videos to help you get started.  Click the Videos link at the top of the page for videos of the driver in action!


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CONTROL4 DEALERS - Please email us at support@epic-systems.com for information on dealer pricing and showroom licensing!